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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 25, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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negotiations and the release of a new debt planning to be released at capitol hill to keep the united states from defaulting on the debt which will happen in eight days if the lawmakers can't come to an agreement. the lawmakers plan is to be a two-step process to raise the debt ceiling by $900 billion and cut it by $1.2 trillion and committee to find additional cuts. we will unveil harry reid's plan and in a short time ago president obama said it was vital for both parties to come together. >> neither party is blameless for the decisions that led to our debt, but both parties have a responsibility to come together and solve the problem and make sure that the american people aren't hurt. >> our coverage begins with msnbc's luke russert live from capitol hill right now. luke, we have dueling plans coming out in hours of each other, but we are eight days of the deadline.
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is there enough time to bring them to the floor and get them into action? >> there absolutely is if you were going to do one of the plans, thomas. as of right now, speaker boehner is proposing a plan that you mentioned $900 billion in cuts followed bay -- extension of the debt ceiling and followed by 2 $1.2 trillion in spending cuts and it assigns a committee to find more cuts to garner $1.8 trillion more heading into the next year. this committee has a up or down vote before congress of their findings of what could cut the budget deficit and what exactly they believe could pass. what is interesting also about that plan, thomas, it contains a vote on a ball lansd budget amendment to be done by the end of the year and a clean balanced budget amendment which many republicans feel it fits into the cut, cap and balance plan they have passed in the house of representatives. and moreç important, it does n raise taxes or cuts to the entitlements which is a thorn in the side of republicans and
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democrats. harry reid's plan is $2.7 trillion in cuts across the board, and they will unveil that later and hits every agency including defense and no new revenues which you see very important for republicans and no real cuts to entitlements so is that the big issues dodged in both of the plans, and the thing is, also, thomas, speaker boehner is a more short-term deal that speaker boehner says they do not want to pass, but what can be done reality and legislatively in the eight-day window that you mentioned. you have the two plans going on the own train, and jay carney said we need a train to reach the station. and it is interesting if harry reid can get cloture on his plan and whether or not one of these is the ones that are left at the end that one side has to stomach. it is looking certainly to be like that, thomas. >> nbc's luke russert on capitol hill, and we will wait and watch. thanks, luke. >> indeed.
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and the u.s. is urging the imof the raise the ceiling and cut friending. they say that the u.s. should concentrate on entitlement reform. and now a new poll is that the u.s. citizens are losing faith in their lawmakers. 71% say they are not very confident or not confident at all. that is coming up with lawmakers and whether or not they will be able to reach a deal. again, the deadline is eight days from now, but we were hearing from luke russert coming up later this afternoon when we will hear dueling plans. one from speaker boehner and one from harry reid. joining me is the freshman republican senator pat toomey a member of the budget committee. you introduced your own version of cut, cap, and balance in march and voted down in may. speaker boehner's plan does not include a specific balanced budget amendment for the first debt limit çincrease, so when u hear of how it is going to be parsed out so to speak before the grand unveil, what is the
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gut reaction by you so far? >> well, the house has passed a measure to raise the debt ceiling by the full amount that the president put on it and the only limit on it is that the president join us to putting the government on a path to balanced budget. if we don't have a path to balanced budget, i'm not sure what can pass both houses. the senate demonstrated that last week har i ary reid would have a debate about it. we thought that some would not approve the approach, but have a debate on it and offer amendments and improve it and reiterate our way to the bipartisan solution, but harry reid made sure it was tabled and killed without the opportunity to debate or amend it at all. that is not the way we are going to have a constructive solution to this problem. >> this morning on "morning joe" senator chuck schumer said that there is not a deal because the
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republicans won't compromise. listen to this and then we will talk after the piece. >> this is what is going to drive me crazy about the debate. we have moved, moved, moved away from our position. we don't like cutting. so we don't like entitlement reform. we have moved from that. and the republicans have staid on the dime without going for a single nickelle of revenues, and you cannot do a large deal without revenues no matter what you do in entitlement reform unless you end it. >> so senator, after listening to that do you feel that the gop has made the tough choices necessary so that you can stand there and say you have and this is not going to be a sticking point for you guys? >> well, let's just look at/+ facts. right, incontrovertible facts beyond dispute. one party passed a budget in the house. in the senate, the democrats control the senate, and the majority leader, senator reid,
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brazenly announced he would flout the law and refused to do a budget. i introduced a budget. i thought that the senate ought to have one and virtually all of the republican colleagues supported the budget, and then the house passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling by the full amount, and the senate refused to take it up and harry reid insisted on killing it. this is another fact that cannot be denied. since 2000, we have doubled the spending of the government since president obama took office spending is up 30%. the problem is spending. of course, if you are chuck schumer and the goal is to massively expand government and redistribute health, you want much higher taxes to lock in the hugely expanded government, but that is what is wrong. way too big of a government. that is what has changed. a huge increase in spending, and that is why we are insisting that that's what we have got to get under control. >> senator tumoomey, thank you r joining me. >> thank you for having me.
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and now, here are the numbers off what is happening and the reaction there and as we see the dow jones down by 44 and the s&p down by almost 3.00 and the nasdaq composite almost down by 3.00, so modest losses as well on this monday, and we will continue to watch the indicator there of what may be to come. today, police have significantly lowered the death toll from the shooting in norway. in oslo, there is a ceremony ofç solace, and the original death toll has been dropped from 93 to 76. this morning the man who confessed to the massacre said he wanted to save the nation from immigration. we want to get the latest from jay gray in oslo. >> yes, thomas, two sides of the story unfolding here in oslo, and a very big day, and first, let's start with the court drama that happened earlier in the day
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and the suspect was in the courtroom for 35 minutes and did confess to thet shoog spree and the killing and he said he should not be punish and telling the judge in his words that he had to do this to end cultural marxism and domination throughout europe. he will be held for eight weeks and four of those in isolation. and the other side of this is the emotion that continues to pour out in oslo. look at the memorial that continues to grow here. hundreds of people coming to the central cathedral here in the middle of the downtown area, bringing with them these flowers, candles and poems and all stopping and pausing to remember the victims, and to be together here, they say they feel a comfort in numbers as they gather here. this is something that is going to continue throughout the evening. there is a vigil sponsored for later tonight where the people will march through the downtown area with candles and the prime minister and the former prime minister will lead that march and vigil and that is the latest as oslo and all of norway tries
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to figure out how the deal with this situation. thomas, back to you. >> jay, thanks so much. joining me via skype in oslo is the director of the peace research institute in oslo. thank you for your time today. we have learned that the suspect about him, his personal life and usually ate meals sunday with his mom, and wentb toç elite hh school in norway and great connections and on a personal level he liked to watch pop television shows like "true blood" so it seems he was an average citizen, but when you hear about the background of this man, how surprising to you and everyone else in the country to think that he could be possible and able to pull off so much evil? >> well, it is always surprising when something like this happ s happens. it is very dramatic, and it is a true shock to the whole country. the fact that the mr. behring
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breivik is the person who pulled this attack off is also surprising in the sense that anybody who would have known mr. breivik and anyone who monitored the visible movements, including his rather bizarre political activity on the web would be very hard put to detect that this is somebody who was actually planning a huge terror attack in the midst of oslo. >> when we any about this unthinkable crime, and methodically shooting these dozens of young adults and when we think of the punishment for this crime, christian, in norway, the maximum sentence would be as i understand it 21 years, and he would be back on the streets when he is roughly 53 years old. now, he has said that he is not guilty when he was in court earlier today after confessing to all of this, however, in your estimation, do you think that 21 years behind bar is enough for the people of norway after
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having lived through such a tragedy? >> well, mr. breivik has said in another interrogation today that he expects to spend the rest of his life in jail, and rightfully so, because although the formal maximum sentence is 21 years as you correctly say. he is very likely to be seen as somebody who with whom thereç a high risk of a repeat crime. therefore, he will be given additional five-year security verdict, and one at a time, and probably for the rest of his life which is the most likely scenario. >> and christian, investigators were able to uncover roughly his 1,500-page manifesto where items were pulled verbatim from people like the unibomber, but -- the unabomber, but do you feel that there is a concern of people in norway that there are other people like him, supporters toer ka ri out attack -- to carry o
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like this? >> well, this guy has been active in a particular environment, but only on the internet. very few signs that he has physically met and collaborated. and in executing the act, so that is something that the police are still looking very carefully into, but so far, there are no firm indicators of that. but of course, there is a real worry that he will succeed in the mission of inspiring others to copy him. now, the only sign of comfort there is the very fact that carrying out something like this is something that needs meticulous planning over several years and we see from mr. breivik's notes that he has actually worked focused on this for several years in order to pull it off. so, i don't really feel that it is a sense of imminent danger amongst norwegians as i walk the
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streets here. tonight, there was a massive parade around the road of the victim victims' honor in the streets and the whole streets were filled with people carrying flowers, and that indicates that the need to demonstrateç solidarity by far overrules the concern about new attacks. >> well, you are certainly and the people of norway in our thoughts and prayers here in the states. christian berg harbvieten, thank you. thank you. and the 4 1/2-month nfl/owner lockout is over. there were some unresolved issues from the agreement last week that were resolved to satisfy the players. we will have much more on this on msnbc, so stick around. [ male announcer ] at e-trade, low cost investing means getting a low price,
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welcome back, everybody. as prosecutors decide to press ahead with charges against former imf head chief dominic strauss-kahn, the hotel maid is speaking out for first time. 32-year-old nafissatou diallo is speaking out. she says she was afraid in the alleged attack in may and found out in the news the next day who strauss-kahn was. they say he is going to be the next president of france, and i think that they are going to kill me. later in the interview diallo says i want him to go to jail and let him know that there are some places that you cannot use your power, you cannot use your money. joining me is national syndicated radio show michael smerconish who is also a msnbc contributor. hello, michael. >> hello, thomas.
11:18 am
>> we rarely see a victim come forward against a the accuser before the trial. what are the risks? >> well, an extensive interview for newsweek and television interview for which she sat, so you can rest assured that cyrus vance and the representatives are poring over the interview and the tape of the interview and see whether it comforts with that which she has told investigators and already there are reports that in some respects it doesn't. when she was in the hospital, it said there was no conversation between she and dominic strauss-kahn and as you can read from the "newsweek" account, she is saying that there was verbiage between the two of them. so when there areç inconsistencies, it will make them less inclined to move forward with the case. but thomas, many are sitting back to give what in philly, we would call the hairy eyeball test, and listen to the words and see if she sounds credible.
11:19 am
>> well, i spoke to someone from "newsweek" who described her account as vivid and compelling, but said that questions of the past were met with vague responses. do you think that coming out publicly was a good idea, and i don't want to say this in any way to deter anybody from coming forward when you have a situation like this, but to, you know, but do you have to be a great memory to be a good liar and this woman is taking a great risk to coming forward, because if hee is lying, she is putting herself out there to be vilified, but if she is to be believed shouldn't we rally behind her and believe her? >> from the sidelines, it looks like it was getting away from her, meaning that the prosecution case has really been in jeopardy, because of those issues about credibility, and i think that what you are getting to is the fact that an individual can be both a thief and a liar and the victim of crime. so, she might have immense credible issues, but on that particular day, she may have been the victim of a sexual
11:20 am
assault, and i think that virus vance now has the unenviable choice to decide whether there is probable cause of a crime committed and that dominic strauss-kahn committed the crime, and in the end he may believe it is even steven and let the jury make the call. >> it is compelling read in "newsweek." thank you, michael smerconish. >> thank you, thomas. coming up on "newsnation" -- >> i hope she has a lot of compassion as a mother herself. >> a judge is set to sentence a mom in the death of her 4-year-old son even though he wasç killed by a drunk driver. we will explain the twist of this story in today's "newsnation" gut check. new details emerging about amy winehouse's final hours after an autopsy is conducted after the singer's sudden death.
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news. football is back in business. players just got voted to approve a deal which ends the lockout with the nfl. now the players standoff began more than four months ago. this has been a drawn-out process and cnbc's darren rovell joins us live with more on this. break it down. what happens? do the teams go to work? >> yes, what happens is that they will be allowed to the facilities tomorrow. also, the teams can also talk to free agents tomorrow, although they can't sign anyone until 6:00 p.m. friday. and then the teams will in a staggered way go to training camp thursday, friday,ç saturd, sunday, and of course, we have missed one game or will miss one game, and that is the august 7th hall of fame game. but the first week of preseason has been saved and $200 million worth of games. >> darren, what was the sticking point of the last go around that needed to be pushed through? >> well, there was no major sticking point, but all about trying to get a last-minute
11:25 am
negotiation, and the one thing that was talked about is how hard it would be for the guys to reunionize. which doesn't seem too much of an issue. the result so that this is a ten-year deal, and also talk that the players wanted to get out at year seven they will not be able to, because it is a ten-year deal, and labor peace until 2021 which is positive. >> do we know if they are available now to go to d.c. and help with the issue? >> well, what has happened here is that the debt issue is more complex than the nfl issue. i would not give them a shot at the debt issue. i mean, it is -- this has been, i think that they made it much harder than it really was, and i think that it comes down to the real deadline was this week, because they did want to miss $200 million worth of more games. >> well, it makes sense. all of the football fans around the country happy. thank you, darren rovell. >> you got it. and it is a dramatic day in
11:26 am
an italian courtroom as amanda knox fight fs for her freedom oe aga again. investigators say mistakes were made in the investigation. >> and also why jill biden and michelle obama are making news. right here on msnbc.ç [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills
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11:30 am
gatherings of hispanics. and foreclosure advantage and how a man was able to move into a $300,000ç home for get this, $16 and it is all due to an obscure foreclosure law. well, we start with amanda knox back in an italian court today with the best chance of having the murder conviction overturned. forensic experts rejected crucial dna evidence to prove she stabbed her roommate meredith kercher to death. but police say that the claspp on kercher's bra was left at the crime scene for more than a month and then collected with dirty gloves. keith miller has more from peru ja. keith? >> well, there was a chip into the prosecution case today and in the courtroom there was an audible gasp when they showed the videos of the slides of the police procedures at the scene of the crime, and the policemen kicking it across the floor and others picking up evidence with dirty gloves an none of them
11:31 am
wearing hairnets which are protocols for the international gathering of crime evidence and some of it written by the united states department of justice. but the most crucial part of the testimony concerned the alleged murder weapon that was retrieved allegedly at knox's boyfriend. there was some protocol of the handle of the knife, but no dna material whatsoever on the blade. the prosecution introduced that as evidence in the first trial, and it weighed heavily on the jury when they convicted knox of murder. also crucial today was a bloody bra clasp that the police found at the scene of the crime, and they say there was dna there linking it to her former boyfriend and however the forensic expert said there was no dna, and in fact, the piece of evidence had been contaminated so badly they could take no readings whatsoever on the dna. a major blow to the prosecution today, and the defense came out of the courtroom smiling, saying that we finally made our case that our client is innocent, and for the first time the
11:32 am
prosecutog did not as they normally do come out of the courtroom and talk to reporters about how well they did. today, they were silent. the judge has now set another hearing for saturday where he will take cross-examination of the experts, but at the moment, it appears as if the prosecution's case has been dealt a serious, serious blow. thomas? >> hugh miller, thank you so much. the united nations is appealing for $1.6 billion in emergency aid to address the deepening crisis in east africa where millions of people are facing starvation. it is the result of the worst drought and famine to hit the region in 60 years. it is affecting kenya, ethiopia and south sudan and eritrea. we will is warn you that these pictures are disturbing we are about to show you and many of them are children and in the camps in ethiopia and kenya, and
11:33 am
pleas of urgent help are coming from deep inside of the camps where many have already died. and joining me is a member of the u.s. agency for international development and aid. linda, i want to get to the opinion of what the u.s. is doing, and i want to speak specifically about secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the u.s. can provide an additional $28 million in aid for somalis suffering from the hunger, but is that enough? will et git get there rapidly eh to take care of the pictures we are seeing and get to the starving children and get there in time? >> well, thank you, thomas. as you know the situation in southern somalia represents one of the worst food insecure disasters in the world right now. the united states has provided so far this year $80 million for assistance inside of somalia. with our çrecent contribution
11:34 am
announced earlier in the week, we are working very aggressively with our humanitarian partners to test our ability to get into previously inaccessible parts of south somalia. >> nancy, we have earlier had this information earlier from the australian foreign minister visiting at the camp in somalia and listen to what he had to say and i want to ask you about it on the other side. >> okay. >> this will be five times as bad come the end of the year if we don't act now. it is as simple as that. so it is a direct appeal to folk across the world, governments across the world to do their bit. >> so when we hear that from australia's foreign minister and hear what other people can do, isn't that a call to the international community what can be done and how is the u.n. going to appeal for the money that is needed to help so many? >> well, this emergency is probably bigger than any of us. we need to collectively step
11:35 am
forward to meet these urgent needs. time is not on our side, and that is why we are working very aggressively with our humanitarian partners to see all of the ways in which we might be able to get assistance in. it is urgent, and things will get worse before they get better. that is why, that's why the united states has already helped 4.6 million people throughout the region with our assistance, but we need collectively to do more. >> nancy lindberg, assistant administra administrator at the u.s. agency for international development. thank you so much as you continue to battle what is takes place there, and we wish you the best. >> thank you. we know you will want to help the victims of fam lin there in africa and you can do it easily by logging on to "newsnation", and there is a list of the organizations taking donations.
11:36 am
and tomorrow, i will speak to super model imam and talk about what she is doing to help the people of africa. president obama is telling the hispanics that he is not forgetting about the promises he made about immigration law. he said at la paz that he supported the dream act and people blocked him at every turn and he also was blocked for a movement of change. >> feel free to keep the heat on me and on democrats, but here is the only thing that you should know, the democrats and your president are with you. >> so immigration is going to be a hot button issue for 2012 and according to the poll from latino decisions, the most important issue is immigration reform with over 53% knowing someone who is undocumented. so mark murray joining us, but over 400,000 were deported last
11:37 am
year and actions may speak louder than words here, so what about president obama being there to give that speech today? h. >> well, thomas, a lot of 2012 because the latino vote is important. and latinos have had two main gripes with the obama administration and one is not to achieve comprehensive immigration reform and the second is having to do with the deportations that you mentioned, but from the white house perspective, the deportations is what they need to get republican votes to ever have a chance of passing the comprehensive immigration reform, and the republicans said, president obama, you need tougher on the border and tougher mechanisms and the white house with deportation and other mechanisms said we have delivered and now it is time for you to help us pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> when we talk about the president being there to give the speech, there is a report that all of the gop candidates wereç invited to attend, but ty all turned down the invites. what more do we know about that? >> well, thomas, i spoke with the tim pawlenty campaign, and
11:38 am
they said they had a conflict, and mitt romney said he never was invited. and la raza is a group that is not surprising for the republicans to not show up, but the fact is that republicans need to do very well with latinos. and senator mccain who is popular with latinos only got 37% of the latino vote, and they believe that a candidate will have to get over 40% to be successful. >> and is it true that senator mccain was a member of la raza? >> yes, a stop of this group is a normal occurrence and a key constituency group when you are talking about the battleground states of new mexico, colorado and nevada. >> thank you, mark murray.
11:39 am
up next, the sudden death of amy winehouse and the musical legacy she will leave behind. here is what is going on today and the house democrat nancy pelosi is asking for the thicks investigation into david wu of oregon. it is said that he made advances toward a daugt der -- a daughter of a campaign manager. and mike ross has said he will not seek re-election after six years in the çhouse. he is considering a run for governor in 2014. despite the connection first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden said they were kept in the dark about the raid on bin laden's compound. mrs. obama said she was out to dinner with friends and didn't know anything until she walked into the door seeing the
11:40 am
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i'm martin bashir, and coming up at the top of the hour. all eyes on washington, and two parties unable to reach a debt ceiling raise. and is politics putting a risk to the health of the american economy. and the voice of a real star silenced long before its time. now, back to thomas. all right. talk about a great deal on in a house. a man moved into a $330,000 luxury home in the dallas suburb of flower mound, texas. last month after paying $16 for this home as described on the real website, it has 5,000 square feet and a swimming
11:44 am
pool even in the bath. so, how did kenneth robinson get this house for $16. the people who owned it abandoned it, and then the mortgage company went out of business, and so the man claimed it under adverse possession. so, what is adverse possession? we are joined by author of "foreclosure nation." shr this is going to sound good to people across the nation to get a $330,000 house for $16, and so explain to us what is adverse possession? >> well, you know what, thomas, this story is not going to end well for the cowboy. it is a rule from the 1800s and most states have incorporated into the statues and applied at the local county, but it is for disputes of cattle and stuff way back when, but it requires several elements. someone to adversely take
11:45 am
ownership or possession of a property, make sure that the owner has no ttice of it and pa the taxes and here in florida it is seven years, but in other states it is 5 to 20 years. >> shari, does this fall under the same thing as squatter's rights for the person who has moved into the çhouse? >> yes, it is similar and applying the old statute to a new scenario like this is not going to work and it is like putting a square peg into a round hole. and other people will suffer. the tenants are trespassing and if they know they are not the actual property owner thax can be prosecuted and in addition to that, the owners are suffering, because if there is damage done to the property, they are the owners, and if someone is hurt there, they can be in trouble, and eventually the lenders will be collateral to the loan, and the lenders in a case like this
11:46 am
with the lenders out of business, someone has taken over the assets of the lender, and eventually they will sell the home to pay off the loan. >> when it comes down to it, is this a criminal action because how would someone break into the home and not have the locks switched out to have this adverse possession, so to speak? >> well, there are legal ways to do this dating back from the good old days. in some counties, you have to file a form and notices published and go in to pay the taxes and improve the property, but that is not possible in the scenario, and what is happening is the way it is playing out and happening with abundance in a lot of the hard-hit states where there are a lot of vacant homes like florida and nevada and florida is that the sheriffs are coming in to notify the ten nanlts that the person who is the property owner is not the property owner and trying to track down the owners to have them sign a trespass warning, and serve it on the tenants and in many cases they are arresting the guys there. was a guy in palm beach county
11:47 am
arrested, a former cop from new jersey and a year later, he was doing it again. >> people know the loopholes to get around this swiftly. >> for the short-term. >> and then it will catch up to you. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thomas. so, another two to four weeks isç needed before toxicology tests will determine how british soul singer amy winehouse died. fans gathered at a makeshift memorial outside of her london home. >> i can't tell you what this means to us. it really is making it a lot easier for us. >> although a formal inquest is for october 26th, investigators say that the death is not suspicious, but a lot of them remain about the legacy she will leave behind. i want to get more from pop culture expert courtney hazlett. >> well, today, i'm with the
11:48 am
host of mtv2's 120 minutes, and congratulations for that coming back on the air, but before we drill down to your expertise here, i want to hear about the celebrity expressions about amy winehouse, and russell brant said not all addictses have amy's incredible talent or kurt's or jimi's or janice's. some people just get to the reality that addiction is a disease and not a condition, and not a crime or a romantic condition. is this how people feel? >> yes, it has touched so many people. and we haveurt cobain and many others who have been lost to addiction. this is an incredibly sad
11:49 am
passing. she was incredible talent and oopened the door for people witç so many unique sounds including the retro soul. >> and is this addiction a double-edged sword, because wyo wonder if amy winehouse would be popular if not for the addiction. she had a album out previously to "back in black." and so does this addiction get rewarded sa eed sadly? >> yes, with success comes more free doms and money and then if you have a tendency to go to the excesses that is the kind of thing that can happen. sadly for amy, the paparazzi would not leave her alone, so it was a public disaster and i talked about it yesterday on the air how there was one picture of her running down the street in her bra crying with her arms out. it is one of the saddest most
11:50 am
heartbreaking pictures i have ever seen. >> i want to end this with an uplifting note if we can. she has had huge contributions to the doors for other artists. >> well, bringing back the retro soul with the '60s and '70s vibe opened the door for adele and even lady gaga said it opened the door for her to be herself. >> she will be remembered. thank you, matt pinfeld, and watch mtv 2 this weekend. thank you. thomas. you can become a fan of the scoop on facebook. up next a mom could go to jail for three years for the death of her 4-year-old son, but she didn't kill her child, and the man who did only served six months. today's "newsnation" gut check is next. my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all.
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welcome back. it is time for the "newsnation"
11:54 am
gut check. a tragic story today of a 4-year-old that is killed by a hit-and-run, drunk driver in marietta, georgia, and now his mom could spend more time in prison for his death than the actual drunk driver did, because she didn't use a crosswalk. last april, raquel and her three kids crossed the street to avoid a bus, but they were hit by a speeding van. the driver served six months in jail on this hit-and-run charge and is now out on probation. police say he admitted to drinking and being on pain medication at that time, and a.j.'s mom was also charged because she didn't u#q a crosswalk that was a half mile away. last week she was convicted of second degree vehicular homicide and other charges. she will be sentenced next year and facing three years in jail. she tells my colleague contessa brewer she was shocked by the
11:55 am
charges. >> i heard that it could happen about maybe a couple of weeks beforehand and someone said this happened to someone else and they charged her. even then i did not think they would charge me. >> i just hope that she has a lot of compassion, and that she is a mother herself, and do the heroic thing and let my niece continue to stay with her other two children, because they need their mother. >> well, in a statement, the georgia solicitor general's office will say quote because the case is pending and until the court has ruled, ethical rules do not allow me to comment about the case. neighbors say that raquel and others have repeatedly complained about the lack of a crosswalk and how difficult it is to get to the busstop. so what is your opinion about this? should a woman who is convicted of jaywalking in a crosswalk and
11:56 am
present as her son is killed by a drunk driver serve more time in prison. and coming up, a man who lunged at his wife's killer while he taunted him, 11% of you said, yes he should be facing contempt charges, but 89% of you said no. martin bashir is next. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice.
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